Helderberg Target Archery

Archery Instruction

Helderberg Target Archery offers archery instruction by appointment only.
Anyone, age 10 and over, that is interested in archery as a sport, whether competitively or just socially, is welcome to enquire and come to us for instruction.
The term “coaching” will be used loosely, in archery coaching is typically the more advanced level of instruction but more people understand the term “coaching”…

Coaching will take place on a weekend morning, weather permitting, unless with special arrangement with one of the instructors, and consists of a one hour session with a maximum of two students per instructor.
In the summer months, October to March, there will be four sessions starting at 08:00 and the last session at 11:00 and the rest of the year the first session will be 09:00 and the last session at 12:00.
We provide instruction using recurve bows only and we provide all the equipment needed during your session, of course you are welcome to bring along and use your own recurve equipment if you already have.

It is recommended to wear a shirt/top that is not baggy or too loose on the body and also not baggy or loose sleeves, as the bow string could catch on the material which will affect the arrow leaving the bow.
Sunscreen is highly recommended as you will be standing out in the sun for the duration of the session.
Remember to also hydrate, water or cold drinks, especially during the summer months.

Unless you are fully knowledgeable with regards to archery equipment, or know someone that is, please do not go out and purchase equipment yet. General sports stores don’t really know enough about archery and would more than likely sell you incorrectly suited equipment, which would result in disappointment and possibly injury.
We encourage new starters to come for some lessons first then you can decide if you want to continue with archery and if so we will assist in equipment selection.

Archery instruction days will be posted in the Events section on our website as “HTA Archery Instruction”.
Bookings for coaching will only open the Monday preceding the coaching day, this is to allow a more fair opportunity for anyone to get a booking, and bookings close on the Friday at midday. Bookings are done within the event entry itself, when the bookings are open the tickets would be visible…
Please do not ask to book for any future coaching days in advance, all requests for bookings in advance will be disregarded.
Please do not make a booking unless you’re certain you will be able to attend, last minute cancellations means that someone else will probably lose out on a spot, of course there are circumstances where last minute cancellations may occur…
Archery instruction days may be cancelled, due to weather, at short notice.

Please understand that the archery instruction is intended to get you to a level where you can continue on your own, possibly with the occasional coaching “touch-up” thereafter.

With a maximum of two people per hour session space is limited…